Did you know that DHA (the tanning ingredient in spray tan) is actually colourless? It’s the cosmetic bronzer (guide colour) that you initially see when you have a spray tan. Without this, the tanning solution would be transparent and impossible to apply. These cosmetic bronzers are formulated by carefully blending together 3 primary colours, Red, Yellow and Blue. By manipulating the ratio between them, it’s possible to create different ‘base’ colours. Most spray tans are usually green or red based.

Now there is Suntana V – a violet based tan. Scientifically developed for a deeper, darker, more exotic result. As the tan develops a violet based tan will actively correct any yellow / orange hues. That’s because violet is opposite in the colour spectrum to these unpleasant undertones. That’s the science of beauty – That’s Suntana

For a deeper darker, more exotic tan – choose Suntana V